Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I love Tuesday nights! Vera and Emma have Angel League baseball and they are just so much fun to watch. I wish all ball players had as much fun and worked as hard as they do. I always get a huge smile and a thumbs up when they hit the ball (Emma from the T, Vera SLUGS pitched balls). They are quite the crowd-pleasers, too, when they slide home, stand up with arms raised victoriously and scream, "I WON!!".

My joy hardly ends there, though. Another aspect of Tuesday nights that I relish is watching my older children act as mentors on the field. Luke always helps Vera; they are bonded over baseball plus he's the only one who can reliably catch her strong throws and can throw it back to her with just the right degree of challenge. Last night, Anna helped Emma; her teaching and encouragement struck just the right note without keeping Emma from achieving on her own. Other nights will likely find Song doing the same thing with her spot-on maternal instincts.

What amazing lessons they are learning by standing alongside their siblings with love. They teach, they encourage, they cheer, but they never take over or take the joy out of the game for their siblings. Above all I believe they are learning to be selfless, to understand that another person's success does not diminish them, and to rejoice when others rejoice.

All that on a Tuesday night...imagine!


Beth said...

Lovely! Our league here is called the Miracle League and we share the same joy on Saturday mornings! Siblings and friends are the best teachers!

3 Sons said...


Waitingfaithfully said...


I love to hear of the tenderness shown by your children! It blesses my heart! Oh what precious people you are raising--every single one of them!



janice fenimore said...

love my girls...and their precious siblings


MaggieMae said...

How lucky each of your children are to have the opportunity to learn such extraordinary compassion so easily and so early in life.