Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dean's 5th Birthday!!

On November 30, we celebrated Dean's first birthday with his forever family. He was pretty excited about the impending celebration as he had the chance to watch everyone else in the family celebrate their birthday throughout his time with us. Poor little guy had to wait almost a year until it was his turn to celebrate!

We had all the kids except Ella for our traditional birthday picture. Do you think Dean's ready for his gifts?

The day before he had scraped his eye; can't remember how it happened but naturally would happen right before the big day.

I guess Vera, Emma, and Alex were worried he wouldn't be able to open the gifts without their expert assistance.
Here's the birthday boy celebrating at NiNi and PopPop's house later on. He had a fun day, lots of gifts, and plenty of sblings to teach him how to use all those new toys.

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