Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anna's 10th Birthday!

On December 7th, my little Anna Blythe reached double digits!! She is such a sweet little girl, with a heaping side helping of dry wit thrown in to keep us on our toes. She is growing and maturing before our very eyes. She's a little bookworm, Lego maniac, crafty, daydreamy, and helpful. She's also a major snuggler, still making dates with her daddy and mommy for some extra snuggle time each night. Pretty irrisistible!!

Somehow we missed the family picture this year, so a picture of Anna and her best friend/sister Song will have to suffice.
Anna is also our most eager attendee at family devotions each morning. She always pops right out of bed ready to go. (Clearly, she is her father's daughter!)

This has nothing to do with Anna's birthday, but I hadn't put any recent pics of Holly the dog up lately. That was her favorite spot during the holidays...on the kid-sized couch with the stuffed Christmas animals.

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