Monday, January 18, 2010

Christmas with PopPop and Nini!!!

After breakfast, we headed an hour away to my parents' home for even more festivities, food, and fun! NiNi always has a beautifully decorated home and makes everything so nice for the holidays (and other times, too).
First things first, however, as gifts cannot wait until later when 10 kids are involved (my 8 and my sister's more reasonable 2).

Cute picture of Luke, but I can't help thinking of Adam and Eve seeing him with that apple!
cousin Shelby and Song
cousin Chandler
Beautiful Aunt Paige

Ella is just cute.
Emma, too.

NiNi and PopPop!!
My lovely Mom
Yippee, another crime-fighter in the family!! Look at that aim!

Daddy of the incredible 8 having a great Christmas day!

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