Saturday, November 14, 2009

Anna's debris hut

Anna is taking an online course called Adventures in Literature. They are reading through a number of different books with adventure themes. One of the books, Brian's Hunt, is set in the Canadian wilderness. Brian is mostly alone and builds a debris hut for shelter. Anna's class was asked to build one as well and then send pictures of their results to the teacher. The kids and I had a great time assisting Anna in building her hut. We are fortunate that we live with some woods on our property. We even threw some flowers on the hut for decoration (seeing as it's the end of the season and some of our flowers had grown incredibly large due to all the rain).
I thought she did a great job! She has really blossomed this year in school as far as taking a lot of responsibility for her assignments. With each new book assigned, her teacher will give pages of project ideas, vocabulary, etc. Anna will disappear to her room for hours and work diligently on her assignments. It's been a fun experience, and she is already looking forward to next semester's class!

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Leslie said...

What fun. My kids did this on a field trip a couple of weeks ago and had a blast!!!