Friday, August 21, 2009

I said I loved John's landscaping....

Because it's lovely!
Notice how nicely the periwinkles have filled in their bed! In fact, these pictures are a bit dated because the flowers are huge now.

I love my potato vines! So easy and pretty and fulfilling to grow. Kinda like kids (except for the easy part).

As I was watering the lovely vines, imagine my surprise to see this form out of the corner of my eye! Hanging from the live oak we have a lovely wire basket that I neglected to fill this year. Apparently the dirt was being held in place by the plastic mesh. The snake crawled through the mesh and got stuck! I just thought it was sleeping for the first few hours of the day but finally realized it was not able to move out of the basket. The snake wouldn't let John cut it free so we are now -1 in the local snake population. We are assuming it is a rat snake. Anyone know for sure?

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Leslie said...

I was really enjoying the beauty of your yard ... and then that last picture! Ewwww! I hope you don't have to see him again! (((Jill)))


PS Wish you could have been here visiting too!