Thursday, August 20, 2009

Ella's Fifth Birthday!!!

Yesterday we celebrated Ella's fifth birthday!!! She is such a doll!!!! Although Dean is younger, Ella is still my baby but she is getting so much bigger now and definitely increasing in independence.

In the window you can see her referral picture. She has surely changed since then. Nothing but Barney could get her this excited now!
I think Cousin It has landed on Luke's head!! (Heh heh heh...I'm still getting even for his blog takeover earlier today)

My little princess enjoying her birthday crown.
Not bad for a Spicer family picture, particularly on the first try.
Waiting for family devotions and for everyone to get up and celebrate Ella's birthday.

Once again, my picture choices were limited, but I enjoyed watching Ella play with her new "Play your Way" toy from Fisher Price. Very cute toy with lots of fun options.
For some reason, this year I was really thinking of Ella's birthmom, wondering if she were remembering her little girl. I wish she could see Ella bubbly, silly, animated, emphatic, and gorgeous. I guess I'll just have to enjoy Ella for the both of us.


Amy L said...

Happy 5th Birthday Ella!:) Caleb and Elijah love Barney too!

3 Sons said...

Happy, Happy Birthday!