Thursday, March 5, 2009


You know you have a lot of children when you can play anagrams with their first initials and come up with words! Here are the letters in age order:


Here are my results:
Saved Ale

Leave Sad

Leaves Ad

But my favorite, which I think is a good name for any band our musically disadvantaged family would ever have, is this:

Lead Vase

Sweet are the hours, nay minutes, of wasted mental energy I've poured into this endeavour.

A real lead vase, so you don't waste your own minutes trying to imagine one. ;-)


Leslie said...

You are a riot! lol I'm fighting the urge to see what I could do with the initials of my kids. lol

The Spicer Family said...

Oh, Leslie, why fight it? Of course, it helps tremendously to have so many childrens' names begin with a vowel! Notice I didn't add John or Jill to the mix...

Bill said...

Never let it be said that you are too busy raising kids and home schooling. Now I must see what I can impose on you to do for me...seeing as how you have so much free time on your hands.