Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Luke's 13th Birthday!!!

My firstborn son is now 13 years old. I really wouldn't believe it, but he's about to catch up to his father and me in height. Somehow I thought I still had a few years before that happened.

I don't believe I could have asked for a more wonderful first child. Parenting Luke has been a thrill at every stage. His name, John Lucas, means 'God's gracious gift' and 'bearer of light' and those have proven to be true for him. When we thought we would never have children, Luke was God's gracious gift to us. As a brother in Christ, Luke also bears the light of the world and we hope to see that fanned into a flame in Luke's life.

Because CERTAIN FATHERS and SISTERS were going to be out of town for Luke's big day, we had a family get-together a few days before his birthday. He chose to go a steak house, where he promptly ordered a chicken sandwich! Oh well, it's his birthday.

The birthday boy in his Tony Romo glory!

The grandmothers

Anna and Daddy

No, Ella's not a ham or anything

Aunt Paige and PopPop

Song and Anna with cousins Shelby and Chandler

The proud parents
You can see how Luke hates this show of affection by his treasured lil sis

Yep, he thinks she's pretty cute

Luke with Grandpa Al and Nana

Luke with NiNi and PopPop

John, trying to stand up straight so we can't tell how Luke is about to overtake him
Luke on his actual birthday morn, looking just a bit sleepy
Later in the day, smiling about his traditional homemade cheesecake! I made him remove the earphones so he could hear my beautiful Birthday song rendition

Also on his birthday morn...with the faithful few, including Emma, Vera, Alex, Ella, cousin James, Bruiser the yorkie and Michael the mutt


3 Sons said...

Happy Birthday!! And a big sigh....they are all growing up too fast!

Amanda in RI said...

I can't believe how much older he looks now! Happy Birthday, Luke!