Friday, October 17, 2008

I have a new baby!

And isn't he a doll?

We have been sponsoring babies at Hope Foster Home since we decided to adopt Dean. Dean's foster care is overseen by Hope Foster Home, and because this is a privately run orphanage for special needs kids they depend on donations to care for the kids. The first baby we sponsored had Down Syndrome, but he passed away shortly after having surgery. It was a huge surprise, because they thought he was doing very well. Because I was his only sponsor, I was allowed to name him, and I named him Will after my dad.

Shortly after he passed away we switched our sponsorship to a little boy I named Hale, which means strong, because he was undernourished and needed to gain weight to have his cleft palate/lip surgery. Happily, Hale is within days of being adopted by a family so he has gone back to the orphanage that sent him to Hope Foster Home.

Hope contacted me last week to let me know Hale was gone and telling me I could transfer our sponsorship again. Unfortunately, there were no new babies without sponsors, so I waited. Yesterday, I checked again, at and there were a number of new babies, including another little baby with Down Syndrome! I immediately contacted Hope and asked to sponsor him. I named him Knox. A couple at our church has a little boy with that name and I think it is really cute. Unfortunately, I didn't think about the fact that Brangelina named one of their twins Knox until it was too late. Oh well, it's still a cute name, and it still falls into the Spicer family tradition of four letter names.

So, when we travel to Beijing to get Dean and meet his foster parents we will definitely go to Hope Foster Home and see our newest little baby and hug him, squeeze him, pray over him and hope that one day he, too, will have a home and a family who loves him to pieces.


Bill said...

Praise God that you have such a love for special needs children. You make us proud!

3 Sons said...

What a great ministry! Thank you for posting about this!

AZmomto8 said...

HE is adorable, just the sweetest little face. So that sweet boy is available for adoption too? How can anyone say no to him?

Thank you so much for your very sweet and helpful post to Amanda's blog.

Kelly said...

Any word yet when you might get to go pick up Dean?

Jennifer said...

I just love you Jill. Thank you for spurring the rest of us on by your example. You are such an encouragement!

Table for Six said...

HI Jill, it's well.. Jill :O)
From our jiaozuo group :O)
Glad i made it over - I LOVE your blog!
talk soon
Jill S.. oh wait that is you.. I mean me too.. heheheh
PS. i homeschool as well :O)