Friday, September 19, 2008

OK, I know it's been a month

But my computer has not been working properly at all and the USB ports are not recognizing my camera when I attach it in order to get the pictures downloaded. I can't blog without pictures, people! I have a lot to blog about, turning 40, going to Cabo, starting school, and waiting on Dean. We're also coming up on Vera's fourth adoption anniversary and Luke's thirteen birthday. Very important days, to be sure.

I guess I don't need any pictures to blog about waiting, though, since I haven't received any new pictures for a long time. I have a call in to the orphanage and hopefully I will hear his current height and weight as well as getting some new pictures. The same service I used to send him a care package will also call the orphanage and get new height/weight and ask them ten questions. I don't remember what all I asked, but I do know that I asked if Dean is a good sleeper! All my kids are good sleepers, so I hope to hear that he is, too. I like good sleepers because I like sleep. Of course, I also asked about his favorite toys and activities, who his friends are, maybe even his favorite foods.

So, today is day 74 of the wait for our Letter of Acceptance from China. Generally, I am too busy to spend time worrying over when it might come. My main worries are over who is going to China to get him. We thought the best scenario might be for John and Song to go while I stayed with the others. I mentioned this plan to the lady at my agency, who actually met Dean in February. Her reply was something like, you need to send two adults to get him! As in, he's a spoiled Little Emperor in his foster home and John will want some adult back up! Oh dear!

So, what I'd really like to do is take my big kids, although Alex claims he doesn't want to go. That way, I would only have to find care for three, maybe four, kids instead of all seven. Due to the aging of one of our babysitters and the recent employment of another, we've only got one good option--and you know who are. ;-) However, my Mom is not quite ready for seven Spicers for two weeks, and I can't say as I blame her. Apparently, John and I are the only ones ready for seven Spicers for two weeks, and that's as it should be. But, that is why we really don't have the option of going to China sans kids.

Now if only I could come up with a few thousand more dollars to pay for my big kids to go....

I'll write more when I have pictures, I promise.


Charissa said...

I've missed your updates, my friend! I'll be looking for those pictures.....

Ronette said...

Jill, I'll be praying for you as you continue to wait. I'll also pray for all of the travel and childcare details to work themselves out.

AZmomto8 said...

The more children we have, the more complicated it becomes when we need to leave the country. I hope you work it all out Jill.

Amanda in RI said...

Oh, I'm so glad to see an update! I kept checking. :)

If Alex wants to come stay with us, you know I'd love to have him. :)

Can't wait to see new pictures & hear funny stories of Dean.