Monday, July 28, 2008

San Francisco--Days 3 & 4

Now that Dad was in meetings all day we three girls went out on our own. And where did we go? Where else--Chinatown again! That was what they had most looked forward to seeing and experiencing and so that's what we did.

We stopped in a Chinese bakery where Anna selected a Lotus Moon cake and Song a 'Chinese tamale.' The tamale seemed to be wrapped in seaweed and contained sticky rice, some veggies, and some sausage. Whether the wrapping was seaweed or not, it flavored the rest of the ingredients in an interesting way.

I'm glad we tried it, but I don't know that it will make Song's top ten list.
After doing some heavy-duty shopping in Chinatown John met us for lunch there. This time, we decided to forego the touristy Chinese restaurant and found a restaurant where we were about the only non-Asians. Three of us, anyway. ;-) It was very good and we loved people-watching there.

We walked back to the hotel and ventured over to the Yerba Buena Gardens, which includes not only a garden area but also the convention center and an entertainment complex with a bowling alley, childrens' museum, and an ice skating rink. The girls were set on ice skating and they had a great time there.

When we left we found this huge globe sculpture. Notice Song pointing to Shanghai.
I love this picture! Such pretty little girls.
This is the upstairs part of the gardens, which we discovered when we took the elevated walkway/bridge back from the rink. There is a little cafe' and the top of the waterfall we had noticed the night before.

I had the girls pose in front of these flowers--they are my favorites!

I loved this picture of the gardens. I love the symmetry in the plantings and containers.

I actually don't know for sure if these pictures were taken on day 3, after ice skating, or on day 4, after seeing Kung Fu Panda on IMAX. The theater was also part of the entertainment complex. I know that we visited Chinatown one more time on day 4, and the girls went swimming a couple more times, and we went to eat dinner on night 3 with some people who were also at the conference with John. We ate at Bepo de Buco, or something like that, and it wasn't very good compared to all the other great food we had. But night 4, well that's another story, and I'm saving it for the next post....


Amy said...

Looks like so much fun!!! Love the pictures!:)

Charissa said...

Looks like you all had a fantastic time. You didn't want to vacation in Tulsa??!!!

Alana - The Mommy said...

What a fantastic time you all had! I loved the pic with the crab. Hilarious!

Kelly said...

Looks like a great trip! Enjoyed reading. Kelly TN

wordygirl said...

Your girls are gorgeous! And for what it's worth, we counted Buca de Bepo as the worst choice we made when we went to Philadelphia last fall. Not a thumbs up from the fam :)
Michele WV