Sunday, July 6, 2008

The life of Vera

While it may not be the life o' Riley, I think she takes a bite out of life! Here she is, below, riding a forklift with the owner of the nursery we use. She greeted him when he came to deliver some pallets of mulch, and next thing you know he's pulled her up on the forklift with him and they're both talking up a storm to one another while he lets her 'help' him place the pallet out back.

Vera was bound and determined to ride a bike recently. John took her out on one of the boys old bikes and within 10 minutes she was riding it! I have a video of her, at the bottom of this post. Pretty impressive for a first bike ride, I think. Of course, the three or four shirts she had on must have helped to lower her center of gravity or something. ;-)
Vera's new haircut....her bangs are really almost integrated into her hair, but I think I'll like it better once it grows an inch or two. She's still such a cutey patootie!
Was Vera hurt by all her bike/forklift riding? NO! She regularly has on a bandage or two, but this particular day she decided on four to cover one new and three old boo-boos. Honestly, I think it makes her feel loved to have access to bandages and a mommy to kiss her boo-boos. Thank goodness for store brand bandages!!

One of Vera's first bike rides--I'm so proud of her!


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Amy said...

Your Vera amazes me with her love of life and fearless determination to accomplish such challenges such as riding a bike!!! She is awesome!