Sunday, July 6, 2008

Alex is a TEENAGER!!!

With all these kids around, it's almost hard to believe I am only NOW the mom to a teenager! Alex finally hit the much-anticipated milestone last month. He is now begging for more responsibility and situations to show how mature he is.
His father, much to the dismay of his skitterish mother, thought of a great situation to show off Alex's newly found responsibility--he bought a dirt bike for Alex's birthday! Eek! He's done really well with it, although I think his father's inadvertent but effective wheelie that knocked him off the bike went a long way in teaching Alex not to gun the gas handle!! Way to go, Dad! He's only allowed to ride it on our land, which gives him about 10 or so acres of freedom and fun. Alex is having a blast! I tried to download a video of one of his first rides, but for some reason it wouldn't work. Oh well, I'm sure we can all imagine a new teenager on a new dirt bike!

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