Friday, March 14, 2008

We have our preliminary approval!!!!

Yippee!!!! We finally--after waiting a near record 117 days--got our 'permission' to pursue the adoption of Hudson Dean from the Chinese government. That means that I can post a lot more pictures now!!!!!

Could you hear the kids screaming here in Texas? They are all so excited and relieved!! Song has been excitedly trying to call her grandmothers and as already written her penpal to share the news. Now if I could only get my hubby on the phone!

Like this one when he was 10 months old, eating a cucumber!
Or this one, from last summer when he was visiting the orphanage that put him into foster care.

I love this one with his foster dad...he looks like a boy who knows he is very well-loved, doesn't he?

Isn't he cute on his new bike...this was taken last November around his 3rd birthday.
Here he is opening his Christmas presents. I'm guessing these are from one of his sponsors in America. I love those chubby cheeks!

We are still months away from going to get him, but this is a huge first step! Unless our homestudy showed a very different picture of our family that what we sent them 117 days ago, we will definitely be approved to adopt him. Now it's only a matter of waiting out various governmental agencies--here and in China--as they process us through the system. We would love prayers for speed!!


Lisa said...

That's wonderful news, Jill!! Congratulations to all of you.

wordygirl said...

Hooray!! Celebrating with you!
Michele WV

waitingfaithfully said...


Congrats on your PA, 113 days is a LONG wait . . . like you didn't know that already! Praying that the rest of your process goes smoothly, and as quickly as possible. Your little guy is about two months older than our daughter waiting in China --he's precious! Your family is beautiful, love your blog!

Blessings on your journey~

Day 102 waiting on LOA to bring our Teddi home! God's timing is perfect!

Jennifer said...


So glad to hear this! did wait a long time. Oh, he is so worth it. Looking forward to more good news!


AZmomto7 said...

I am so glad I took time to read all my saved blogs today. This is fantastic news adn he is such an adorable little man! Praying for a no hitches adoption for your family!


Stepping Out of the Boat said...


I'm so happy for some movement for you! I can't wait to hear when you've cleared the next step!