Friday, March 14, 2008

Playing Favorites

Luke let something slip last night...he said something about his favorite sister, Vera. Then he realized what he had said, and started a little backtracking, perhaps she was only his favorite Russian sister.

Don't get me wrong, Luke loves all his sisters, a lot! But there is a sweet connection between Luke and Vera, and I love it. I love that Vera went from being nobody's favorite sister, in fact, nobody's sister at all, to having a brother who adores her, who spends countless hours playing catch with her and teaching her all about her beloved baseball, who makes goofy movies with her, and always wants a goodnight kiss and hug from her. Vera can be an aggravating little sister, no doubt, and yet he plainly adores her. I can't help but think that Luke will one day pick his wife based in no small part on her love for his special sisters. And that's OK. ;-D

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Jennifer said...

What a sweet boy...his wife will be blessed indeed!