Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Ella, our Colombian Idol

Luke filmed Ella last night watching American Idol because she is so cute while she dances and 'sings' to the songs. At the end, you can hear her telling Luke to 'stop it' when he wants her to do something. OK, not my favorite expression, but it's progress for her to even be talking. Still hard to believe this is the little lump we brought home a year ago.

And Charissa, this is for you...note the mess in the background and the lovely TV we stuck on the table last night! We are not the type of family that has to have the latest and greatest electronics, that's for sure!


1 comment:

Charissa said...

Oh my goodness! How cute was that! Thanks for leaving a mess for me on the chair. I feel better now. :)
Hey, I missed your blogging! Don't do that to me again!