Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another cool creation from Luke

I am so impressed with Luke and his Lego creations. I am the one who started a blog for him, but he hasn't cared to add anything to it in months, so I'm putting his stuff here. I loved Legos when I was a kid, but I never did anything like this. In response to Charissa's comment, I am adding that Luke doesn't use the pattern that comes with the Legos (after he makes it once) but makes the creations up as he goes. That is what I love about it...they end up looking really great and would be a fun pattern for someone else to make.

From left to right we have:


post office

pharmacy with residence upstairs

bakery with residence upstairs


Charissa said...

I am so very impressed. Tell me he has some kind of pattern he follows? Wow, my Simeon would LOVE to play with Luke!

Jennifer said...

Wow...tell Luke I am totally impressed. Those are amazing creations!

Mama Darling said...

Wow! The detail work is awesome! Our son spent HOURS creating things when he was younger. I was always amazed at what he could do with those little pieces of plastic. I was also amazed at how much money we had tied up in those little pieces of plastic.Lol I actually still have huge boxes of Legos even though he is now 22!

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Thanks for your comment about home schooling. I am definitely interested in going with you in May to get an idea of "what's out there." Let me know when you find out the dates.

Dolores said...

Very, very cool! A budding architect?