Sunday, December 9, 2007

Who's missing?

Me, for one. My sister Paige, for two, and my husband John, for three. We've been demoted to near nonexistence, unless and until PopPop and NiNi need a grandchild fix, which seems to be on a near weekly basis. Actually, I did get to take the picture, and John did get to jump around so they'd smile at him, but otherwise we are a means to an end.

OK, just kidding NiNi. Don't throw my Christmas presents away yet! I'm sure our absence in the Christmas card picture was a small and insignificant oversight. Really.



Stepping Out of the Boat said...

John must have been doing a fabulous job, because look at all of their radiant smiles!

I see the perfect spot for Hudson to fit into next year's Christmas photo...right there on his PopPop's lap!!!

Charissa said...

I forgot to thank you for offering your home when we were without power. It was awfully tempting, and I knew you were sincere. I wanted to meet your kids as much as I wanted to keep warm. I kept thinking as soon as we packed up and hit the road, we'd find out that power was on and school was back in. But there was no school all week, kids were excited until they found out they couldn't watch videos OR go play outside! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...