Friday, November 2, 2007

A Reece's Rainbow Christmas

In June of 2006, Andrea Roberts awoke with a big idea--start an online clearinghouse of children with Down Syndrome who are available for adoption around the world. I first found Reece's Rainbow (named for her adorable son with Down Syndrome) in July of 2006 and Andrea already had many beautiful faces on her site. Each month, however, has seen RR grow as Andrea digs and digs to find the forgotten children who need homes.

Part of Andrea's mission is to gather donations for these children. Many families would happily bring the children home, but lack the means to get them there. For the second year, Andrea is having a fundraiser to help these children. On this page, you can see a photolisting of children available for sponsorship. For a $35 minimum donation, you will receive a glass Christmas ornament with your sponsored child's picture on it.

While I ordinarily don't spend that much money on a Christmas ornament, I would certainly love to see one or two of these sweet faces on my tree, reminding me to pray for their families to find them, reminding me of the gift of my own two little girls with Down Syndrome, gathered from afar, and reminding me of the indescribable gift of being found and adopted by my Heavenly Father, who saw my inability to do anything to help myself out of my desperately hopeless situation, and reached down and plucked me from death unto life.


Charissa said...

You are such a good writer! Your posts always make me cry. Then again, almost anything makes me cry these days! :) Do your hormones increase with "paper pregnancies" too?

Mama Darling said...

I had to read quite a few posts to catch up on your blog and I enjoyed each one of them. Each of your kids is so special. I'm sure you are never at a loss for something to write about. I love the new pictures of Hudson Dean.I hope you get to travel soon.
Oh, someone referred to Desheng Darling as Song (at church Sunday). We were honored, but I'm not sure that Song would appreciate being mistaken as a 4 yr. old. LOL