Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Advocating for a darling boy in China

I have received this little seven year old boy's info from several different "fronts" and I thought I would post a link to it here, too. This is a write-up on him from Love Without Boundaries, a wonderful organization that does all sorts of things for orphans in China, including sponsoring heart surgeries, foster care for special needs kids, and a wing in an orphanage for medically fragile children. You can also see him here at his agency's website.

Please look at this little guy and pray for him. He is beautiful, with lovely dark eyes and rosebud lips. He needs a mommy to kiss them, and a daddy to pray over him, and a family where he can hear about God and understand his worth.

I could probably post his picture here because it is already online in several places, but I wouldn't under any circumstances wish to cause problems with Chinese adoptions!


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colbylobrien said...

Yea! I just checked on Joey's status at Small World's site, and he is now listed as being on hold! Praise God!

The other three still wait.....I can't believe that someone hasn't snatched up that beautiful Isabelle! What a smile!

Lois O'Brien
(I sure am enjoying your blog!)