Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Vera, the biggest nut of us all

A sampling of my wardrobe enhanced (or impaired) girl who thinks she is a boy...

She also thinks she is Spider-man, mud creature, Small but Mighty man, Mashed Potato baseball player, and Western baseball cowboy. OK, I made the last one up.

Funny story about the batting helmet she is sporting in the last picture:

Vera wore it to Luke's first baseball game of the '06 season. We have no idea why but it wasn't a hill we were willing to die on so we let her.

During the game, she had climbed to the top bleacher and had her back to Luke's game while she watched another game. A kid in Luke's game hit a pop-up foul ball which came straight down on Vera's batting helmet. No kidding! She turned around like "What was that???" and the crowd (who had been watching Vera's antics prior to this) all busted out laughing in unison. This is just the sort of thing that would only happen to Vera!

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