Monday, December 30, 2013


Brief glimpses of 25 years of marriage

"I do" in front of hundreds
Sunrise over the mountain in Hawaii
Finding our first dog on the way home from TCU on an icy day
Buying our second dog for our first anniversary, a little "bagel puppy"
John making partner and Jill going to grad school
John elected to school board
The first dog dying and the third dog brought home
Long days of infertility
Longer nights of infertility
Many tears 
Intrusive medical procedures
We move next door to Jill's parents
Success! Luke! John is completely enthralled
More infertility
Adoption agencies researched and chosen
Country chosen
Settling in for the long wait to get to our girl in China
Plans changed in one painful heartbeat when we saw Alex's face
Trip to Russia during the coldest November ever
Thanksgiving in Russia--listing every possible thing we could for which to give thanks
A fabulous 10th anniversary party with friends
"By the way, China has a daughter for you. Do you still want to go?"
By the way, I'm pregnant
Song of joy in our heart turns into a Song of joy in our arms
Anna joins the family
By the way, I'm pregnant again
God clearly tells John our family is to move to Canada
Calgary withstands the emigration of the Spicer Six
Emma is born and my second educational arc begins
We move back to Texas
Emma says her first word other first birthday--Mama
We build our dream house
We start homeschooling
Vera is found 
Vera is adopted and things get even more fun!
We buy a 12 passenger van
Ella is found and within 4 months is adopted
Dean is found and over a year later is adopted, days after our 20th anniversary
Ten Spicers is declared the number of completion
Family camp in Colorado is attended for three straight years

We've traveled the world, watched dreams come true, seen dreams shatter and then found newer and better dreams, and experienced things we never would have dreamed about 25 years ago.

What a ride!

"Meeting you was fate,
Becoming your friend was a choice,
but falling in love with you I had no control over." ~~ Anonymous

Happy 25th Anniversary, John

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Unknown said...

I love all of that stuff. Even the stuff we hated at the time. It made us ready for things that have come and are yet to come. We would have wilted alone. Yet, we thrived together. Here's to enduring onward. On and on! Forever, and always...