Friday, December 20, 2013

The Dirty Dozen


I started teaching my boys at home when they were first graders, making this school year my twelfth year of homeschooling. You might expect that, after 11 years of experience, I would be quite the confident homeschool mom. 


Actually, most homeschool moms reading this post would likely agree that each year can suck a little more confidence out of you because the stakes just keep getting higher. My situation might be even a bit more precarious simply due to the fact that we don't do yearly standardized testing. I know, I know. That's crazy talk! 

All that to say, when SATs and college application time rolled around for Luke...I was a bit nervous. More like, waking-up-at-4-am-and-praying-like-crazy-nervous. I knew he was capable and smart. I still worried that somewhere along the way I had dropped the ball. Forgotten an entire subject. Emphasized the wrong things. Let him watch too many Seinfeld episodes.

So imagine my delight when I--I mean he--received his first acceptance letter in the mail! I ran in to give it to him, practically squealing! He wasn't exceptionally thrilled; it was from a university near the bottom of his list. Two days later, however, he received the email from Texas Tech (most likely his first choice) which he screenshot and texted to his thrilled parents! 

Of course, a few college acceptance letters do not mean I am a great homeschool teacher...Luke is a smart kid and an excellent autodidact. Nonetheless, I must confess to wanting a big party thrown in my honor to make up for the years of teacher gifts I never received...but I'll take a screenshot of acceptance from Texas Tech any day.

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