Wednesday, August 14, 2013

James Bond and I both have a license to.... 

Exciting, no? 


I know.

But naturally, if it involves Jill and being responsible you can bet your 007 there's a story. 

My story started 15 years ago. On August 13, 1998, my driver's license expired. Being Jillish, even then, I decided day after day and week after week that I would make the dreaded trip to the DPS "tomorrow" or "later". 

On or about August 30, 2000, I finally showed up to renew my license. We were two days away from moving to Canada. John and I had been up to Canada a few weeks before and had been unable to rent a car because we BOTH had expired licenses. What can I say? I rub off...

Back to the DPS...because I was 2 YEARS and 2 WEEKS overdue in my renewal, I had to retake both the written and driving portions of the driver's test. For real. No problem, I can handle that. Oops--problem--they had no open appointments to give me a driving test for several days (after we had left for Canada) but hey! I could take the written portion of the test and get a learner's permit issued! 

Which is how I got to be the World's Most Conscientious Driver. After two years of driving with an expired license, I then drove for a couple of extra years with only a learner's permit. Once again, I just couldn't stand the thought of taking all the kids to the DPS, waiting for hours, having to take the driving test, etc. Actually, I did go once and the wait was hours because it was the morning that the commercial driver's license tests were given. 

One lovely day, my mom took all the kids to her house and I decided that I must go take care of this problem, mainly so I could start speeding again. I'm happy to say that I passed my driving exam and was back to being a licensed driver.

When my license was next up for renewal a few years later, I was able to do so online...AND I DID!!!

This year, however, required a trip to the dreaded DPS again. I managed to wait until the afternoon of my birthday to get there but I PREVAILED!

Now, to find an Aston Martin...

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Jen U. said...

Ha! I am so glad to know that I am not the only one that has done this. ;)