Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My First Adult!!!

I'm not sure how it happened...it was all so quick! One minute, he's a 3.5 year old boy fresh off the plane from Russia; the next minute, he's all grown up and as American as apple pie, as Texan as the Alamo. Remember?

One thing has never changed--he is still stinkin' handsome! Something else has also not changed--we are so proud to have him as our son, so happy God chose to place him in our family as our oldest, so humbled to be allowed to parent him and celebrate him, on this birthday and for all the life events to come. Ok, that was more than one other thing, wasn't it? 
Thank you to his sister, Song, for all the photos from his special day. We always begin our birthdays with decorations and presents and breakfast. This year, Alex went easy on me and asked for muffins...from the bakery. Sounded like a plan to me!

Vera was pouting because Ella wouldn't cooperate. Seriously. It makes her mad! Longtime friends will note we have an extra kid...cousin Drew celebrated with us. 

Alex had fun opening his gifts. He asked for lots of books, which was cool.

Never a shortage of gift-opening supervisors in our home!

His sister, Anna, got him some cool new shades! 

Alex has become a bit of a photographer in his own right, so we had three of his coolest pictures printed on canvas, and they are now proudly displayed over his bed. He was so surprised! That was a fun gift to give! My favorite picture is definitely the one, above, with three sets of his eyes. I love his creativity.

Opening a special gift from his dad.

Trying to decide who the photo bomber is in this picture...Anna, or Alex's eye looming over them both!
I definitely know who the photo bomber is in this picture! 

We celebrated with most of the extended family...Italian food and then Alex asked for Black Forest Cake as his birthday dessert. His grandmother brought one from a bakery in Fort Worth that is famous for them, and his sister Song made one...all from scratch. It was amazing! 

Alex was trying not to blow the chocolate shavings off the bigger cake, hence his interesting angle! a fun time was had by all!

Happy 18th Birthday, Alexander! 

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