Monday, May 20, 2013

Smashing Supper Success

OK, clearly a pod person has taken over this blog...two days in a row? Really, Jill?

Yes, really, generic blog reader who NEVER COMMENTS ANYMORE.

Not that I'm bitter. I couldn't be...not after making this fabulous supper tonight!

Now, let's just be straight up about the whole business of Jill and cooking and fabulosity: I follow recipes pretty well. I can even tweak and change recipes pretty well. I don't, however, come up with completely new and different recipes, so if you're looking for that you'll need to look elsewhere. Plus, I'm pretty sure no one is here looking for recipes anyway, so we're good. We're good.

So what was this fabulous dinner? Honestly, it was only soup and salad.

The soup? Butternut Squash soup from Southern Living's 2012 Annual Recipes cookbook.

Butternut squash, carrots, slightly carmelized onions, cream, honey, vinegar...yum! Use your stick blender and it's a breeze to get a huge pot of creamy yumminess with a little bit of kick. Spicer kids approved!

The salad? BLT Salad, also from Southern Living's 2012 Annual Recipes cookbook.

Oh my! Salady perfection! Arugula, bacon, heirloom tomatoes, bacon, tangy dressing, bacon, onions cooked in bacon drippings, bacon! The recipe calls for artisan bread slices but I used challah from the grocery store bakery. We otherwise followed the recipe for this, too. Other than Anna, who doesn't like bacon (we don't know where she came from), this recipe was also Spicer kid approved.

So...generic blog reader, if you're like me,the bad blog writer, always in need of supper's, y' Or lunch, if this doesn't seem meaty enough for you and you don't mind taking a really long time to cook lunch. Frankly, I do. Mind, that is. So...supper, for us.

Happy cooking! Happy eating! Happy rare two days in a row of blogging to me!


Adam Lee said...

Wow! This sounds pretty yummy! :) ...and delightfully written! ...makes me want to jump up and cook right now!

The Spicer Family said...

Active Adam! Thank you for the comment! Do you cook very often? I do, naturally, but can get in a rut. So...I get super excited when I do something new!!