Saturday, May 25, 2013

Cervical spine surgery success--sort of

So, as I mentioned a few days ago, I had surgery. I'm home now. It's been a fun few days. Let me elaborate.

I had a pain pump at the hospital. This turned out to be a mistake for a few different reasons. 

1) shortly after surgery I was in a lot of pain and I *thought* the nurse said she was switching me to a different type of pain med that would be in pill form. Turns out...notsomuch...meaning that I didn't have pain meds at all for quite some time. Fun!

2) once that little debacle was rectified, we were back to my general lack of love for the pain pump, because it only delivers tiny amounts of pain medication at any one time, rather than a decent wallop that knocks you out for a while and moves you on down the road to recovery without your having to be aware of the trip. 

3) which brings us full circle to today. I kept noticing that I had a very sore spot right in the middle of my forehead. I asked John several times if he had any idea why that might be...I had visions of being restrained during the surgery...falling out of the hospital bed...what could it be?

John finally pinpointed the source of my soreness: during one of my rants about the pain pump, I had decided to give that pain pump a piece of my mind, errr, forehead, and used said forehead to deliver just the right amount of pain medicine. Yeah. So that worked. 

As mentioned, I'm home now. Home with Vicodin and Valium and steroids, food from friends, kids, and an Arrested Development marathon. 

Adios pain pump. You may have won round 1, but I'm ready for you next time. I have an extra piece of bone in my neck now with your name on it!

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mygraceissufficient said...

I am so cracking up right now!