Friday, April 1, 2011

Vera's Birthday pics!

Vera turned 12 back in February! After weeks and weeks of buildup the day finally arrived! She's so happy to have her birthday celebrated!!

Here they are in all their morning glory! The Spicer Birthday Pic. Settle down, Deano.
As is now the tradition, Vera received a gift sack full of her very OWN treats and snacks. That may have been her favorite gift!
The Nerf gun vest for the Nerf gun enthusiast. We knew she was receiving a Nerf machine gun from her cousins so we had to get her properly outfitted.

No, Ella, the candles aren't for you. Everyone loves the birthday around here!

Ha ha, Mom! Vera let me sit by her for candle time. Maybe it really IS my birthday.

Nope! Louis Armstrong Vera took the lead in blowing out her candles.

Happy Birthday, precious Veronika!

We will happily celebrate your special day from now until forever! You are our treasured daughter and nothing would make us happier!

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