Thursday, March 10, 2011

My friends are CrAzY!!!

But one stands head and shoulders above the rest: 

She is one CrAzY CaJuN!

Right now, my CrAzY CaJuN friend is having a crazy fun chance to win some jewelry and humiliate some gals and guys who may or may not deserve it.

Why is my CrAzY CaJuN friend doing this? Why are those gals agreeing to help her?

Grab This!

You probably could have guessed why.

Renee is CrAzY in LoVe with PaIsLeY!!

Renee has been working so hard to bring Paisley home, cooking up a storm, saving pennies (and a whole lot more) but those international adoptions don't come cheap so she and her husband and some ZaNy FrIeNdS came up with this lovely giveaway.

Wanna see what you might win for the low, low donation of a mere $5? $5 that gets Renee that much closer to Paisley, that is.

Well, here ya go:

Aren't those gorgeous?

Now that I've tempted you with goodies, go over and read about the ways your $5 (or more...much more) could go toward humiliating some deserving (or not) people. That may be better than jewelry, but maybe that's just me.

Why are you still reading?


(Click on any of the red words--get going!)

1 comment:

Renee said...

First off, I love you.
Secondly, I will admit it was my idea for Michelle to dye her hair pink.
But it was ALL Mama Grits' idea to have our husbands dress in drag and go out to dinner with us.
Ok, so we are all a little crazy. But we all love our kiddos very, very, very much. And we love you!

Love finds a way,