Thursday, January 20, 2011

Emma's birthday morning

Emma turns 10!!!

Thanks to my facebook friends, we had many wonderful gift suggestions including the

Pillow Pet Unicorn


Don't forget to pose, Emmy Lane!
The obligatory family picture...note the snow outside the window. How fun!!
I love that Emma is so excited over coloring books. She's been having a great time coloring them, too.

Digging into the Squinkies! Good call, Amanda T.!
Photographer as subject...deep.
Before the snipping. My new camera gets some interesting details, huh?

It was a happy day for Miss Em. She had a great time playing with her new toys during the day. We had cheerleading and then met the grandparents and daddy for dinner out and more gifts. Emma definitely relishes her special day. What a great quality!

So guess whose birthday is coming up next?

Oh boy! She's ready!!


Renee said...

Aww, so glad Em had a good birthday and SOO glad you are sharing your family, your heart with us again. You know where to find me if you need ANYTHING!

love finds a way,

ashleypmo said...

Precious! I definitely think I saw a Jo Bro gift bag in one of those shots. And could Vera look more like you in that photo? NO--not the one of her crossing her eyes! The wider shot of her with the other kids in the background. I think she looks just like her beautiful Mommy!

Anonymous said...

so glad I could get on your blog. I don't know what has been happening. Emma is adorable, and she is just as gracious as her siblings (especially Alex) about her joy with her gifts. We had a great time at her birthday dinner.