Friday, December 10, 2010

Dean is 6!!

My youngest is now 6 years old! Wow! I remember when I never thought my oldest would be 6.

Our second birthday with Dean. His was the only adoption where we missed two birthdays during the process. Thankfully his was our fifth adoption or I might have gone nuts!

Isn't he the cutest little boy?!
Nothing like the Spicer birthday picture, is there? This is one of our better pictures, actually.
Next on the agenda...teach Ella to stop making her 'picture smile.'

I think I should get extra points for sharing a picture of me...first thing in the hair fixing...just enjoying my little boy's JOY in his birthday morning.
For my pacifist British friends, please note that Dean has just opened a NERF gun. I will have to retract a statement about the NERF gun that I made on facebook, however. I said that it shoots foam bullets and therefore couldn't hurt a fly. However, if your big sister Vera shoots your new NERF gun from point-blank range at your eye then you might cry for a few seconds, although I'm still unclear whether the crying was from being shot in the eye or because Vera had stolen his NERF gun.



Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

catching up on your blog! Yes, I should be working... you are BEAUTIFUL even with no make up and first thing in the morning! Let me just say, my hair is not so well behaved in the morning. I don't ever wear make up though so though my hair can improve if I (remember) have time to brush it, the face, well that is what it is these days!

LOVE you,

You pacifist British friend! Lu

Leslie said...

Agreeing with Lu - you are beautiful! Love reading about your family. You crack me up! Happy Birthday Dean. (I too remember thinking 6 or 7 was really *old*. sigh)

Hugs to you!