Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Sunday evening, we participated in one of the funniest little rituals we have here in North children dressed in costumes and went door to door, begging for candy and actually receiving it while doing nothing more than saying, "Trick or Treat!" I think it's hilarious that we do this! Each year we go to my parent's neighborhood (our old neighborhood) to participate.

We have only gone trick-or-treating in our own neighborhood once. The houses are on 1+ acre lots and it takes forever. Since we're all about inefficiency in the Spicer household, we go to a neighborhood where the houses are closer together and allow for maximum candy haul. Many thanks to my parents for allowing us to invade their home while they suffered through a Ranger loss in the World Series. Many thanks to my sister and her daughters for hanging with us, too! As always, it was FUN!!!
Buzz Lightyear, made in....wait for it....China!
Buzz and Woody--You've got a friend in me!
Vera in the suit that I shamelessly begged for on facebook...and actually received from a cyber friend of the past several years! Isn't that cool? Vera had been asking for a suit for quite some time now. She wanted to be Daddy. She is incredibly happy to be wearing the suit, button-down shirt, and one of Daddy's old ties in this picture. Words truly cannot express her joy.
Emmapatra...Cleoemma...The Queen of It All.

I bought the Woody outfit for Dean but it was too small. No problem, however, because Ella has watched Toy Story approximately 1 billion times in the last two months and has even made her own sign (as in sign language) to show us when she wants to watch it. She was also incredibly thrilled with her costume.
Anna, being curled and whirled by my sister, Aunt Paige. Why?
The amazing results!
Anna as Artemis! I surprised her by finally making a Greek goddess costume for her this year! She had been trying to come up with something on her own but I was, regrettably, too busy with her younger siblings. Not so this year!! How fun!! We made a laurel wreath, bow, arrows and quiver and spray-painted them all silver.

Our photographer, Song, tried to tap into the dark side of their characters. The sad results are below:

One out of four ain't bad!

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