Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Reece's Rainbow needs Christmas Warriors!

I am the Christmas Warrior for Miss Sophia, first picture below. She is a darling little girl in a very expensive country from which to adopt. I am hoping, as her Christmas Warrior, to raise at least $1000 for her between Monday and New Year's Eve. Big task, right? Not too big for God. I have included a few more of my Reece's Rainbow favorites, several of whom still don't have Warriors. Look at the sweet faces, look over the list of children who were still available (or were available earlier today) and see if you could help.

The plain and simple fact of the matter is that children with larger grants to help defray the adoption costs are those who are most often chosen. We all wish that weren't the case but we have to help based on reality and not wishful thinking. As part of the fundraising effort, Reece's Rainbow will send an ornament with your Christmas Warrior child's picture on it to anyone who donates at least $35. The money doesn't go to overhead, it doesn't go to goes to help save the life of a child.

The money that is raised stays in trust for that child until their adoption is almost complete to ensure that the money actually goes toward the adoption. Most (although by no means all) of the money for adoptions is due toward the end and while the family is in country, so this also ensures that upfront costs are paid by the family, in part as a way of ensuring their commitment. I say all this just in case anyone is confused about the way Reece's Rainbow handles their contributions. I will probably repeat it in a few days when the actual Angel Tree/Christmas Warrior program begins.

In the meantime, again, please look at these faces, go to and search for the names I have listed at the end of the pictures, consider stepping out in faith to become a child's Christmas Warrior.

Maria has a warrior but I just can't help and share her cute face!
Caleb needs a sponsor
Hailey needs a sponsor
Mr Chubbalub, Henry, needs a warrior

Lisette doesn't needs a warrior...she's had a fierce warrior for a long time...what she needs is a family
Gibson needs a Warrior
I think this cutie has a Warrior
This is Alexander and he has a warrior...I just love that smile!! He needs a dad to wrestle him and tickle him!

Aisha K Russia region 23
Andy China
Brent Ukraine 35
Caleb China
Christian Russia region 6
Darren Ukraine 41
Devon Russia region 5
Dmitri B Russia region 8
Dmitriy P Russia region 16
Dmitriy Sh Russia region 8
Gavin Ukraine 20
Gibson Russia region 5
Grant Ukraine 38
Hailey China 
Henry China
Ivan K Russia region 5
Ivan L Russia region 13
James Russia region 2
Jonas Russia region 9
Kennedy Russia region 2
Lawrence Russia region 2
Leeza Ukraine 2
Oksana M Russia region 13
Olga Russia region 3
Paul J Russia region 13
Sergei G Russia region 9
Toby Ukraine 26

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