Monday, October 25, 2010

One way to win a Canon EOS Rebel!!

As I was perusing my friend Suzette's blog today, something caught my eye! A blog post, by one of her friends, that looked to be giving away a Canon EOS Rebel!! WooHoo!! A gorgeous family of 10, trying to be an even more gorgeous family of 11, is giving away the camera to help raise funds to bring their daughter home from China. Here's the info from their blog:

One week till we draw the winner of this bad boy! Suh-weet! Just click on the Chip-In button on the sidebar. Our goal is to raise enough to send our dossier to Ch*na once we get C*S approval, so every dollar helps us bring Kasidi Joy home! Thanks to those who have already chipped in, linked and blogged!
$25 = 1 opportunity
$50 = 3 opportunities, etc...
Blog post, blog link, FB link, FB post = additional opportunity!
Leave me a comment or email me to let me know you've linked or posted.

I am now shamelessly working for my additional opportunities, having already linked to their fundraiser on facebook! Let me tell you, though, that I believe in what they're doing and can testify that the more times you adopt, the harder it can be to raise the funds, if for no other reason than you're crazy busy and trying to feed all those mouths.

So, help a cute little girl get home and possibly win a camera next week. Not bad!

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connie said...

Thank you SO MUCH for posting about our giveaway! It's exhausting fundraising an entire $30,000 adoption but so worth it! We serve a faithful Father!
And I hope you win too :)