Sunday, October 3, 2010

Likelihood of having a child with Down Syndrome

Today, instead of focusing on Down syndrome and adoption I thought I would briefly discuss some statistics related to the incidence of Down syndrome. Exciting, no? Well, just you wait!

Down syndrome occurs in roughly 1 out of 750 births in the United States.
Young women conceive babies with Down syndrome at the rate of 1 in 2500.
Women over the age of 35 conceive babies with Down syndrome at the rate of 1 in 350.
Women continue the pregnancies of babies prenatally diagnosed with Down syndrome at a rate of less than 10%.

I'm afraid we can only come to one conclusion here: no matter the maternal age there just aren't enough babies with Down syndrome being conceived or born in America. Not nearly enough families are being blessed in that way!

Let's brainstorm, shall we? How could we possibly change this alarming problem? I have one more statistic that might help.

Nearly 100% of the families that decide to adopt a baby or child with Down syndrome are able to successfully complete that adoption.

Problem solved.

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Mel said...

Awesome post Jill!!!!