Sunday, October 24, 2010

I Beg to Differ... or... Not so Much

When I begged offered to guest post on Jill's blog my first thoughts were 'I wonder if it will make her feel she has to extend that invitation to me since I posted it on facebook'. Well, it worked!

My second thought (for some this sentence in and of itself will bring much oohing and ahhing to know that I indeed am able to have more than one thought at any given moment) was 'Yay! She said I could post on her blog!' which was quickly followed by a third thought 'oh great... WHAT will I say??'

She did remind me it was Down Syndrome Awareness Month. I didn't have the heart to correct her with ... 'in the US'. Here in the UK we have Down's Syndrome Awareness WEEK in June. Yes, that is correct, we dedicate an entire WEEK to promoting and raising awareness for children with DS. Wow, an entire week. We're stingy generous like that.

And whilst people who aren't adopting children from Eastern Europe and say they are my friends and would love to meet us in person flock to London for fashion and art and driving on the proper side of the road, apparently they aren't coming here to celebrate DS Week. And likely not to speak proper English either (I've said too many times that there is English and there is American. They are not the same language)

I've been told it is because in the UK we're just nicer and people with special needs are naturally integrated into society more. If you don't believe me, watch this short video by the King of Lovely (a country in a flat in London) [yes, I've posted this before... but it's a catchy tune!]

So, finally onto my 4th thought. A list. If someone gives you the opportunity to write on their blog, make a list. Use lots of  points, subpoints and use humorous anecdotes to make your point.

So, I'm writing a list for you. Just barely on the fringe of the topic of Down Syndrome...not that many points... nor a single subpoint and unless you are in my family, probably not that humorous. Ah yes, my brilliant husband has just piped in that the family really aren't laughing a whole lot either.

Ways Children with Down Syndrome are the Same as Typical Children

1. Refusing to tidy up. Yes, they are no more likely to tidy a room than a child without DS.
Yeah, probably not my child

This is more like it...
2. Emotions. Yes, they have them. Not just one... not all joy all day every day. I have the bruises to prove it... (of course I'm joking. Little Poppet would never after watching Pingu hitting his sister with a spoon then grab one of her spoons and hit me)

3. Potty Training. I'll get back to you on this one when I can be bothered to attempt it. So far, I consider it quite the achievement to have potty trained my husband. He's a typical man. (Again, he's piped in with the notion that he came trained)
Being British we don't just have a porcelain throne

 (if you already read my blog you may remember this 'quote' from this post in April of 2009)

Have I mentioned that we are 'on the cusp' of potty training? Realistically I could have started this ages ago. Little Poppet has made me aware in one way or another that she was ready for a 'change' for a very long time. But being the brilliant Mum that I am, I procrastinate waited to be sure I she was ready.

Or perhaps this quote also from 2009

We did purchase a little potty chair for her. I showed it to her and  told her that she would get to go potty on it. Yeah, she got it. She  immediately grabbed it and started filling it with her toys. Boy will  she be offended when I tell her what to really put in it.

So, it is fair to say that it is a reflection of my parenting more than anything...

4. Eating. I can't really blame anyone for turning their nose up at my cooking and it comes as no surprise that there isn't a difference here either.
Even I recommend a hazmat suit when handling my cooking

5. Children with DS are always well behaved when out. No different to typical kids here. They save all their poor behaviour for Mum. Not even for Dad, just Mum. Grandparents think you are lying when you describe any of their antics. It confirms to them that  you were the worst child on earth and the fact your offspring are so well mannered proves to them it wasn't their fault.

6. TV or telly as we like to say here. From what I can tell, there is no difference here either. ALL kids like to watch the telly with their noses touching the screen apparently. Which is why we don't allow the telly on very much.

(I'll spare you the video here, just a matter of principle)

7. Energy. There is a thought that kids with DS don't have as much energy as typical children. Yes, tell me that when I'm chasing my daughter around the house and catching her mid air when she leaps off the sofa. She is in super hero training. Problem is she doesn't have the cape yet so until such a time, I have to keep my eyes peeled and arms ready. I generally don't carry anything breakable anywhere in the house just in case I need to drop it to catch Little Flying Poppet. (to order your own super hero cape, click that link up there)



8. Shoes. Girls women I love shoes. My daughter is no different. I think she has more shoes than I do right now. And not that I'm complaining much but mine don't sparkle or light up when I take a step.


9.  Toys. My daughter loves new toys. All kids love new toys. They all break the most expensive ones within days of getting them and they all lose pieces of jigsaw puzzles. And they all get bored with the new ones far too soon for our wallet, anyway.

10. Daddy. Little girls, whether typical or not ALL have the ability to get Daddy wrapped around their little finger. I think they learn this watching their Mummy. What can I say? The Mr. is wrapped around BOTH of his girl's little fingers! :D We'd not have it any other way!

So there you have it. Ten very scientific and highly qualified facts about how typical children and children with DS are the same. And to my mind, the ways they aren't the same are what make children with DS all the better! :D
And now, I end with a message about being nice from the King of Lovely, Danny Wallace.
Thank you, Lu of Poppies Blooming, for your lovely guest post.
You are welcome to make a list for my blog anytime!

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