Monday, October 11, 2010

15 years ago

I became a parent for the first time when our much longed-for son, John Lucas Spicer, was born. I couldn't have been happier! I have enjoyed, thoroughly enjoyed, each stage of life with Luke. I can remember when he was young and I thought it just couldn't get any better than a little blond-haired, blue-eyed boy who was calm, interested, happy, smart, affectionate and MINE. Somehow, though, each day gets better than the last because we are getting to make more memories.

In honor of Luke's 15th birthday I thought I would make a list of 15 things I like about Luke (oh, and he also told me he expected a big blog post since I've spent so much time blogging about DS lately!):

1. I like that he's now taller than his parents. John and I are both 5'8" and during this past year Luke has grown to 5'9.5"! I like hugging on that tall son of mine!

2. I like the way he does what he's asked to do. Well, usually. He's very steady and dependable about doing his chores on their appointed days and his schoolwork without being asked.

3. I like his blue eyes.
4.  I like his choice in friends. He gravitates toward friends who are nice, funny, and overall just good to have around. I like that I am not worried about the sort of girl he'll bring home some day to meet his parents.

5. I like the way he always gives his mom and dad a good-night hug. Always.

6. I like the way he makes up games with his siblings. He is exceptionally good at coming up with games that let all my kids have fun, no matter their ability. He is great about encouraging the little ones during these games, too.

7.  I like the way he plays baseball with Vera, both at home and when he helps her during Angel League. What a blessing to Vera to have a big brother who really helps her improve her skills doing something she absolutely loves! The great part is, he loves it just as much as she does.

8. I like the way he always remembers to say 'yes, ma'am' and 'yes, sir' without prompting.

9. I like the way he eats the largest bowl of cereal I have ever seen, every morning.

10. I like the way he makes us laugh. Luke is just like his dad--quick with an off the cuff remark that makes you smile. I love having a kid who is funny.

11. I like the way he makes the most amazing Lego creations. His creativity in these matters always astounds me. He doesn't copy others, make it from directions, or otherwise do anything other than build it from the ground up.

12. I like the way Luke fell in love with baseball. He loves to play the game and is a very smart player. His NiNi always says that he is a student of the game, and that seems to be true. We are all so proud of the hard work he puts into it.
13. I like the way he accepted Alex as his older brother. Granted, his first remark about Alex was, "When is he going back to Russia?" but at least that wasn't his last remark!

14. I like his vocabulary. Weird, I know, but I like fact that he is well-read and that he uses what he's learned in his speech. His father and I are frequently impressed by the depth and breadth of his lexicon (look it up, Luke!).

15. I absolutely love the way he loves his Downsie sisters. I love the way he constantly tries to get hugs and kisses from them. I love the way he loves to interact with them and obviously considers them great fun to have around. I also love the way he treats them just like he does his other siblings if they are being annoying--he realizes they don't need much special treatment. I love the way he carries Ella around, clearly so proud to be her big brother and just happy to be with her.

Happy 15th Birthday, Luke!


Sarah said...

Luke sounds like a wonderful son! Happy Birthday!!


Charissa said...

What a great kid!