Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame!

Last night, John was able to get a pass for Anna to come along with him to the ballpark. She was able to go with him down to the field and meet a number of the players. John has become friends with the team photographer, who graciously took some pictures of Anna. I love that he used the Hipstamatic app on his iPhone! Such cool pictures!!

First, though, we have mommy's uncool iPhone pic of Anna and Daddy at the office, preparing to leave. She's just a LITTLE bit excited. Actually, she's being cool in the picture but she couldn't stop smiling.

Anna and Daddy with outfielder D.avid M.urphy

Anna with hitting instructor/coach C.lint H.urdle

Anna standing in front of the batting cage on the field!

Anna, Daddy, and utility infielder A.ndres Blanc0

Are you impressed that I knew he was a utility infielder? Don't be...I had to ask my son Luke!
A fun time was had by all, but especially by sweet Anna! Thank you, Daddy, for making my girl's dreams come true!!