Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sophia C.

That didn't take long! I couldn't be the Christmas Warrior for the lovely Catherine pictured in the post below (probably because we don't know enough about her?), but I can be the Christmas Warrior for the lovely Sophia C. above!! Isn't she a doll? Those eyes are mesmerizing!

Reece's Rainbow has not been able to get much information about this beauty, but we do know that her birthday is in August, 2008. We do know she has blond hair and blue eyes. We do know she is in Russia. You can see her here! Go ahead, click on it! You can see the requirements for adopting from Russia. In her particular region you could potentially adopt two children at the same time.

If anyone has great ideas for us as we seek to raise funds for this precious child of God, please let me know. I think she just might be worth some time and effort!

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Dolores said...

A precious little baby!