Thursday, September 23, 2010


So....about two months ago I asked if any of my readers had questions for me. Apparently, I really do only have 2 readers because I received all of 2 questions. The first question, from my blog creator and sweet friend Lu, had to do with the adoption tax credit in the US, as she lives in England.

Lu, you know I love you to pieces. I am not, however, a tax expert nor do I play one on TV. I would love to help you understand the US tax code but I don't understand it myself. Ask Meredith. She's never busy, right?

My second question, from my fellow adoptive mom and good friend Charissa, wondered what types of responses we get when we are out in public with our large family. This question was asked as Charissa and her husband were on the cusp of adopting two beautiful children from Ukraine, bringing their family total to 9. I think she was worried. Good thing I got right on the ball and answered her question, right Char?

Here ya go, even though I know you've probably already heard all this and more:

You have your hands full! (hands down, the most frequent thing I hear)

Do you work for the Home? (Uh, I work for my home.)

Which ones are yours? (Did I pick up some extras again? Oh no!)

I see you've got quite a little babysitting business there, eh?

Foster care?

You have a group home, I guess?

Are they all yours?

Your kids are so well-behaved! (usually uttered by a relieved waiter)

Of course, there would be more responses if I ever did, in fact, take my children out in public.

Any further questions?

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Lu, Poppies Blooming said...

lol!!! You are too cute! Ok, well I don't feel badly about not even knowing the UK tax 'codes' 'schemes' 'scams' whatever they are called!

And I'm sure you have more than two readers, but clearly for some reason they feel the need to keep schtumm... I think it is the same as with my blog, I get far more contact me forms submitted than actual comments on my blog.

I thought for awhile it was something to do with the witness protection programme... but then I decided that surely my blog readers can not ALL be in the witness protection programme.

Now, I just figure it is because my blog has so many flashing and moving gadgets on it they all get dizzy and can't see to find the comment button. Either that or I somehow rewrote the code on my blog and there no longer IS a comment button.

Ah well... can't win them all...
LOVE you my dear dear friend! :)