Monday, August 30, 2010

China's beautiful children!

Reece's Rainbow now has several beautiful new children listed on their China page. If you click on that link you will see all the pictures I have included here and several more as well. The page also includes some information about requirements for a Chinese adoption, although I believe there is more flexibility in the requirements than you might think. I know, for example, that you can have more than 6 children at home because we did it and TONS of other people have done it.
The big news in China adoptions right now is....drum roll, can adopt two unrelated children at the same time!! That had been going on unofficially for quite some time but is now an official policy. If a child has been on their waiting list for at least two months you can then adopt another child with them, whether that other child is special needs or not, I believe.
Better yet, you (yes YOU) could adopt two children with Down syndrome, like the beauties I've included below. Take a look. It's not too late to have the blessing of a child with Down syndrome in your life! For more information on any of these beautiful little ones you can contact Andrea Roberts:


Boy, Born October 29, 2005
Garrett is one of my favorites because he looks like a cross between Dean and Ella!
I think he is sooooo cute.


Girl, Born June 26, 2008
Shelby is a beautiful little girl who is in the excellent care of a foster home. She can now stand along holding onto objects, walk quickly in the baby walker, and is potty trained during the day. Shelby has a bright smile and is in need of a loving family.

More photos available, along with full social history and medical records


Boy, Born December 8, 2008


Boy, Born January 30, 2002

His hands are forming a heart!! How adorable!!


Boy, Born November 20, 2008
Oh yeah, he's adorable! What a chunka chunka burnin love!


Girl, Born July 7, 2006


Boy, Born April 5, 2009
Doug is barely a year old and would be such a fun little guy to adopt!!


Boy, Born November 29, 2007
Caleb is another of my favorites. I assume the picture is old but I love that light brown hair! Too cute!!

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