Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Happy Birthday, Alex!!

Wow! We are now the parents of a 15 year old son!

We splurged on new birthday decorations for this momentous occasion.

Aloha from the Spicers!!!

Vera looks fresh and ready for a luau, doesn't she? She must've slept hard!
Now there's a kid ready to party.
And another couple of partiers ready for gifts and blueberry muffins.
Surfer dude? Could be, if we lived near the ocean!

Emma gave this (broken) DVD player to Alex after she saw him receiving gifts from Anna and Song. For John's most recent birthday she gave him her favorite Bitty Baby box filled with some of her favorite items. She recently wrapped her favorite red "faux phone" block in tissue and presented it to her favorite cousin. I think sweet Emma's mommy needs to take her birthday shopping for siblings in the future! Maybe not, though, because then we'd miss her adorable impromptu gifts.
No shortage of gift opening help here!
The eager 8. Or the sensational 7 and the extra, bleary-eyed, shaggy-haired one.
You choose.
Emma doing the hula next to the tiki toss game.
The ketchup cake. OK, not really. That's just what Anna named it. It's a red velvet cake mix I made. Any Feingold followers are probably having nervous reactions just looking at all the red food coloring in this thing. John saw it and asked, quite appropriately, "Doesn't red food dye make Alex jumpy?" Yes, unfortunately. How quickly mommies forget. Luckily it was covered in homemade cream cheese frosting which somewhat mitigated it's grotesque redness.
For more Alex goodness, please feel free to hop over to one of my first blog posts. I was introducing each of my children in separate posts, and his 12th birthday happened to coincide nicely with that process. He's a little older now, a little wiser, but still the same handsome boy we first saw 12 years ago yesterday when we received videos and pictures of our son-to-be.


Charissa said...

Jill you always make me laugh! Wish we could somehow be neighbors. Happy Birthday Alex!

ashleypmo said...

The look on Anna's face while Alex is opening Emma's gift is priceless! Your kids are so sweet!

And yes, the first thing I thought when I saw the cake "OHMYGOODNESS that's a lot of red food coloring!!!" But this coming from a mom whose last attempt to make a purplish cake with berry juice resulted in gray batter...which was resolved with a great deal of (redfoodcoloring).... ;-)