Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Disaster Preparedness Training, part II

Yesterday I washed the blanket on my bed and instead of drying it completely I draped it over a couple of chairs in the dining room. Next thing I know, every spare blanket in the house has been conscripted into service on our bunker! Sergeant Song was the ringleader this time, but she had some willing troops to help.

Side note about the quilts: The Chevron Log Cabin quilt on top was made for me by my grandmother using scraps/color combinations of the quilts she had made for her other children and grandchildren. It is amazingly beautiful and well done! Just under that is the corner of a baby quilt with a sort of log cabin edge and hearts that I made for Ella. Not such a masterpiece, but cute. Under that and going up and under the pillow is a postage stamp Bow Tie quilt made by my great-great grandmother in 1937. I can't even imagine how many hours of sewing went into all those little squares.

Emma and Dean, anxiously awaiting another tornado! (Just kidding, as you can see from the bright windows it was a sunshiney day!)

The bunker occupants had a great time throughout the day yesterday. Song made a picnic lunch for them and they happily feasted in their little cave. Doesn't that sound like the most fun ever?

Emma, Ella and Dean even slept under the table last night! I thought they'd never stop giggling but I guess they eventually tired out and slept through the night. What a fun sister to provide such a fab day for her little siblings!!

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Kaitlin O'Hearn said...

Hey Mrs. Spicer! Love this story. :-) Matthew and I used to do that when we were their age. I didn't know that you quilted! My dad's mom quilts and I have been wanting to learn for years, but haven't had the time because of college. Would you be interested in teaching me sometime? :-)