Thursday, February 11, 2010

Vera is 11--finally, a birthday!!

Vera talks about her birthday all.year.long. Clearly her favorite conversation, she asks about it at every celebration we attend, and many other days as well. Finally, the big day arrives!
The day before, however, she spent the day reminding me how to decorate for birthdays. The fact that I decorate in virtually the same way for all 10 birthdays does not concern her; the only issue is that I get it right for HER birthday! She seemed satisfied that I had done enough, so all's well.

Still waking up...

Everyone is happy it's Vera's birthday!! It truly is a celebration of everyone's favorite most unique person EVER!

Please note the tortilla chips. I filled the Spider-Man gift bag with all kinds of goodies and snacks--she loved it! Vera, while not an overeater at all, has a characteristic of some adopted children of wanting food nearby, and wanting it to be HERS. Makes for a fun gift!

Vera recently had several of her teeth pulled, plus she lost a couple nearby, so she resembles a rabbit with those two front teeth left and none around them! I'm dressing her up as the Easter bunny later in the spring.
You are one of God's sweetest gifts to our family!

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