Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Helping Anastasia get a Family!

I am starting a new fundraiser. Well, actually I think it is the first fundraiser I've ever done on my own. See cute little Anastasia off on my sidebar? She is in Russia and can be adopted! Generally speaking, these kids have no shortage of people who WANT to adopt them, but those who want to adopt often have a shortage of funds. Anastasia's adoption will cost in the neighborhood of $25,000 so you can see that it is beyond most family's yearly discretionary income.

So, I'm starting this chipin in order to help Anastasia get closer to having a family. The money goes directly to Reece's Rainbow and into Anastasia's grant account, by the way, not to me! Here is the information that Reece's Rainbow has for her:

№ mp1t -13
Anastasia M.
Brothers and sisters no
Date of Birth: May 23, 2005
Gender: Female
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Dark
Character: social, friendly, affectionate

Anastasia is so cute! Blonde hair and bright blue eyes, she is HEALTHY, social, friendly, and active and doing well. She will make a wonderful daughter for any family. Her medical records make her sound like she is on death's door....so hard to read the description of a doctor who know so little about Down syndrome ;( Please do not be nervous about how her medical reads! She really is doing well!

Andrea for more information

Also please note that there is a minimum $10.00 donation, which has to do with Paypal fees. Sorry about that!

I know it is right after the expense of Christmas and the holidays, but I thought I would try this because I think she's worth it! Since we are out of the adoption game ourselves, I want to be involved in other ways now.

Thank you for your consideration!!!


Cammie Heflin said...

Oh Jill I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to be her mommy! Can you have your fundraiser hit $25K for me???

Bianca said...

Oh sweet girl!!!