Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas pictures

Christmas morning started with a dusting of snow! It's the first white Christmas I can remember!! Wasn't much, but we'll take what we can get in Texas!

Bleary Vera coming down to check out her Christmas gifts!
I'm not sure there were enough gifts.
Here comes Anna, dressed and ready for the day!!
Dean discovering his first Christmas stockingSpider Da Ma'am, wearing her Spidey jammies, holding her Amazing Spider-Man shirt and ready to fight crime...more on that later.
A happy Song
A surprised Alex

Vera was as excited about getting a Diet Coke in her stocking as anything else!
Anna getting yet another scarf in the scarfiest Christmas we've ever had.

Ella, overwhelmed with the day
I think Dean's got the Christmas gift thing down, not to mention the happy pose

She's a fan!
Ahh, now we see the Spider Da Ma'am with her new Nerf gun, ready to fight crime wherever she sees it, usually around Luke.
I didn't do it, save me Spidey!

Last but not least, my dear husband has heard me lamenting my lack of matching dishes and bought some lovely dishes for me. I'm a bit intimidated by the stack, wondering if I could come up with a meal to fill all those different plates and bowl. Still, it was a thoughtful and very unexpected gift from my hubby!
Whew! That was just Christmas morning...more pictures to come from Christmas breakfast and Christmas lunch at the grandparents. I love Christmas!!

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