Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Photo shoot

I had all the kids at my parents' home recently and we took some cute, and not so cute, pictures in their backyard.
We'll start with Song in a tree!

Ella was certainly gave me a full range of emotion during her photo shoot!

The picture above is of Ella spitting at me. We're working on that.

That's a typical Ella smile for the camera. That's a typical Ella reaction to life!
Last we have Ella explaining that she'd like to get out of the flower bed!
Dean, showing how handsome he is!
Really, I have no caption for that picture of Luke. Please feel free to add one for me in the comments section.
Oops, forgot to have him take off his rubber bands until more than halfway into the shoot.

Yeah, he's all about peace.
He's also all about disrupting a perfectly lovely picture of Song and Ella.
Alex, chilling.
Vera showing her maternal instinct with Emma.
Emma pretending to sleep.
There's the sweet and innocent Vera we all know and love!
Here's the sweet and innocent Anna we really do all know and love.
Mr. Photogenic

Emma and Alex
Once again, any ideas for a caption would be much appreciated.
Alex having fun with Ella.
A beautiful Song.
Emma just naturally posing.
Another beautiful Song.
We had a great time taking pictures and I was so happy to have a good one to use on my blog header and my Christmas card!
Merry Christmas!!!


Beth said...

These are all lovely (or, if not lovely, then fun!).
Merry Christmas!

3 Sons said...


Leslie said...

Wonderful photos! Loved the one on your card too (the one on the book esp made me chuckle!).

Merry Christmas!

Love you,

My name is Sarah said...

I love pictures in the trees:) Very nice. Merry Christmas:)