Thursday, August 20, 2009

Moody Gardens

John and I took the whole crew down to Galveston Island last week for a family vacation (plus John had a conference at the Moody Garden hotel). Last Friday we went to Moody Gardens, which includes a Rainforest Pyramid as well as some other attractions. The Rainforest Pyramid is mostly a collection of rainforest plants and a few animals such as the parrots pictured below. Vera took a number of the pictures.

As usual, blogger did not put my pictures in the order I chose them, so the two pictures below are of our foray through the dinomatronics tent, featuring robotic-ish dinosaur models. Vera took all the pictures and was hilarious to watch. She was talking to the dinosaurs and telling them to "Look at me" and "Say cheese"as they moved their plastic heads around. It was so cute!

I have no idea why Luke has his pouty face on....probably angling for a kiss from his beloved little Ella.

This is a picture of Song the last night...all three of the Downsie girls fell asleep around her. Too cute! I have to give props to Moody Gardens Hotel--they gave us adjoining rooms and let us have 5 people in each room, without charging us extra. Kids eat free with an adult entree (M-F) but both times we ate their breakfast buffet they didn't charge us for the little ones.

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