Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Chinese Culture Camp

We now have our second Chinese Culture Camp under our belts and it was so fun!!
Every summer Dillon International Adoptions puts on culture camps for children from all over, including India, Korea, and China. The China camp lasts for 3 days--Thurs, Fri, Sat.
This year I took Song and Dean, naturally, and also Anna. The girls made so many friends and learned a lot. I was able to see some friends from the DFW area, which is always nice. I also enjoyed working with the same lady I've worked with two years ago when we went to camp. This year we had 27 5 year olds and 1 4 year old--Dean! He was not happy in his 4 year old class, probably due to being sick (he had Hand, Foot, and Mouth virus!) on top of not being entirely sure of the situation without mommy. No problem: he fit beautifully with the 5 year olds and was taller than most of them, too!
That would also explain why the vast majority of pictures I took were of Dean rather than the girls. Actually, I took some of the girls during the closing ceremony but had my camera on the wrong setting so they don't look so great, as you can see below.
We are already looking forward to next year. Thanks, Dillon!!

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David and Sarah said...

Looks like a great time!